Las Vegas slot jackpot – choose the best game for yourself

Las Vegas slot jackpot giving huge profits

People specially go to this paradise in order to spend their own money with pleasure, eat only in chic restaurants, spend the night in fashionable hotels and gamble in the best casinos, the number of which amazes the human imagination. After all, here you can easily provide a memorable vacation, as well as guaranteed to recoup all costs by successfully launching Las Vegas slot jackpot drums and not necessarily making large bets. This good prospect is confirmed by the presence of a large number of successful jackpot winners.

Many remember a few cases of big wins. This is the story of the waitress Cynthia Jay, who, after betting $ 27, received almost $ 35 million. Or a happy day for an elderly woman, when she celebrating her 74th birthday decided to exchange $ 170 for chips for a slot machine. When the amount of 22 million dollars was displayed on the screen, the old woman immediately lost consciousness. Or another record set for a long time after the described cases and owned by a young man. The guy managed to win the jackpot as much as $ 40 million, betting only $ 3.

Recommendations on how to win at Las Vegas slot jackpot

All of the listed cases of lucky winnings were progressive jackpots, the amount of which can be significantly larger than the potential maximum slot winnings. Indeed, the value of such a jackpot is constantly growing with each subsequent bet of all customers of a gambling establishment. Large casinos of this city often combine Las Vegas slot machine jackpot into one network, which makes it possible for lucky players to win the accumulated amount on any device of this network. Here are some tips to help you get your lucky cash prize:

  • To win big money, players need to choose Las Vegas slot jackpot and not be afraid to bet;
  • Like real casinos, you can try your luck in online clubs, where the progressive jackpot increases with every bet of people all over the world, so the growth rate is simply huge. The sites of such sites host many slot machines that simulate Poker, Roulette, Blackjack and other popular games;
  • Players should look for slots with a high payout percentage and high volatility, which give a lot of free spins. Here, too, there is a chance to win a large sum of money;
  • It must be remembered that slots with a higher par value respectively give out much larger wins. So, the maximum bet in many cases guarantees a jackpot;
  • Clients of the casino must necessarily evaluate the opinions of other players and, if possible, avoid playing on expensive branded slot machines.

To everyone who will follow the expert advice listed above, luck will smile much more often than to players who play on the first available slot.

Slot machines with huge jackpots

Experienced players are probably aware of the fact that Megabucks has long been considered the best Las Vegas slot jackpot, the winning amount of which is often 12, and sometimes reaches 33 million US dollars. The following slot machines are also quite popular here:

  1. Really fully consistent with its name, the Fortune slot machine, developed by Netent and periodically rewarding its fans with large progressive jackpots.
  2. The very famous slot from MicroGaming-Mega Moolah has a jackpot payout record in the amount of 19 952 772 US dollars.
  3. The multi-million dollar jackpot will help players get the Scandinavian gods of the popular game Hall Of Gods.

Fans of fixed jackpots should try their luck on the Zeus God of Thunder and Wonder Woman Gold slot machines, the prize fund of which varies depending on the bet made.

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